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Getting Your First Music Grant - QA With Zedd Record's Mark Zubek

Have you tried to get a grant for your music in the past with little success? Drastically increase your odds of getting funded by FACTOR, Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and more with a few tweaks to your approach.

Mark Zubek is a hit-songwriter/producer who’s helped hundreds of Canadian indie artists get over $250,000 to fund the recordings they create together and joins Disrupting The Music Biz to share his secrets and answer questions sent in by artists like you.

Here are a few of the questions answered in this episode:

  • Does an artist need sales to get funded?

  • What do juries expect to see on your application?

  • Are grants just for the big artists? (HINT: Not even close!)

  • Do you need someone with a business background to help you with the application?

  • Why should you want grant funding and does it cost you anything to get it?

  • How many times you can get funded with grant funding for your music?

  • And much more!


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