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The Indie Artist's Guide To a Successful Music Career - Mark Zubek


Mark Zubek

President, Zedd Records 

Toronto Songwriter/Producer

Mark Zubek is a Toronto music producer, Toronto songwriter and the founder of Zedd Records. Mark has an instinctive talent for writing and producing hit singles that are commercially viable while still evoking a powerful emotional response in the listener. His experience with licensing his catalog to TV and film placements has ensured he always has his finger on the pulse of what music supervisors are looking for when placing songs. Major labels such as Warner, Sony/BMG and MapleMusic have entrusted Mark’s songwriting and production, including the legendary Grammy-winner Betty Carter.

Mark grew up in Toronto, and at 18, moved to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music. At 21, Mark moved to New York  City to play jazz music, and to write and produce records for singers and bands, often co-writing songs, arranging, playing any or all the instruments and mixing.

Equally proficient on drums, electric and upright basses, guitars and keyboards, Mark has produced out of some of the finest studios in the world, including New York’s Power Station (Avatar), Sear Sound, Cutting Room, Magic Box, Sound on Sound, L.A.’s Oceanway and Larrabee, and Toronto’s Metalworks and Phase One. After a ten-year stint in New York, Mark moved back home to Toronto, where he is currently based. He has 2 solo jazz records out on Fresh Sound Records and is featured on the Upright Bass in the Penguin Guide to Jazz Encyclopedia.

Mark helps his artists with every step – from co-writing songs to photoshoots, press kits, radio play, interviews, grant writing, building a fan base, live shows, record label meetings and more

Credit Highlights

  • Betty Carter (Grammy-winning jazz singer) (MZ songwriter)

  • Crash Test Dummies (MZ upright bass)

  • Theresa Sokyrka (Canadian Idol finalist) (MZ producer, mix, all instruments)

  • Alexander (BMG)  for “Love Stinks” movie with Tyra Banks and Bill Bellamy (MZ upright bass)

  • Wynton Marsalis (Grammy-winning jazz musician) (MZ upright bass)

  • Hilary Weaver (MapleMusic) TV licensing to Degrassi, Entertainment Tonight, Breakfast Television, Debra, $10,000 FACTOR grant winner, #7 single on US commercial radio with over 22,000 spins, “BEST POP SONG” and “BEST FEMALE VOCALIST” at the HOLLYWOOD MUSIC AWARDS (MZ songwriter, producer, mix, all instruments)

  • Lisha Cash – TV licensing to DeGrassi, sub-theme song on 13 episodes of Debra, MuchMusic DisBand with Greig Nori (Hedley, Sum 41), FACTOR grant winner (MZ songwriter, producer, mix, all instruments)

  • Daniel Robinson – $8500 Grand Prize of John Lennon Song Contest, Music Connection’s TOP 25 New Music Critiques of 2012 (MZ songwriter, producer, mix, all instruments)

  • LUKA – Performance with KATY PERRY on eTalk CTV, NICKI MINAJ “Starships” Contest Winner, FACTOR grant winner, Winner of USA Songwriting Contest Pop Category, Licensing to TV commercial (MZ songwriter, producer, mix, all instruments)

  • Mena Hardy – Winner of John Lennon Song Contest Rock Category, FACTOR grant winner, TV licensing to BIKER TV, AIRWALK shoes, the opening act for Canadian Rock Icons “Lighthouse” (MZ songwriter, producer, mix, all instruments)

  • Victoria Leone – $11,000 prize for Song of the Year – International Songwriting Competition, EMI Publishing Deal, Scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston (MZ songwriter, producer, mix, all instruments)

  • Mao – Universal Music distribution deal, 2 TV licensing deals, over 5 million YouTube views (MZ songwriter, producer, mix, all instruments)

  • Jen Chapin (Harry Chapin’s daughter) (MZ songwriter, producer, mix, bass, and drums)

  • Gavin Bradley (Nelly Furtado) (MZ co-produced “Val Mirage” with Gavin)

  • Micah Barnes (The Nylons, Parachute Club) (MZ co-writing, bass and vocals)

  • Over 250 indie acts.

TV and Movie Placements

  • Entertainment Tonight

  • DeGrassi: The Next Generation

  • Theme Song “La Dolce Vita” (Food Network)

  • Theme Song “Donny!” (USA Network)

  • MuchMusic disBand

  • “Love Stinks” movie with Tyra Banks and Bill Bellamy

  • Breakfast Television (City-TV)

  • Discovery Channel

  • Coca-Cola

  • Hasbro

  • Pringles

  • Dunkin’ Donuts

Record Labels, Movie & TV Networks

  • Universal

  • Warner

  • Sony/BMG

  • EMI

  • Verve

  • Polygram

  • Miramar

  • CBS

  • Nickelodeon

  • MTV

  • MuchMusic

  • CTV


Songwriting and Co-Writing Awards

  • Billboard Songwriting Competition Song of the Year

  • John Lennon Songwriting Competition Grand Prize Song of the Year

  • USA Songwriting Competition Song of the Year

  • ISC (International Songwriting Contest) Song of the Year

  • Songwriter Universe Song of the Month and Song of the Year

  • Roland Songwriting Contest Winner

  • Hollywood Music and Media Awards (best female vocalist, best pop song)

  • British Music Awards (finalist)

  • Recording Grants from FACTOR, Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council

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