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Inside the Mind of a Rock Star Manager

Have you ever wondered how to get a manager for your music career?

There’s a saying in the music business…artists don’t find their managers, great managers find their artists.

Many artists want to take their careers to the next level but are going about it the wrong way. Some of the mistakes they are making aren’t just setting them back, they are detrimental to their reputation and success in the industry.

VP of Zedd Records Angelo Dodaro spoke with rock star manager BLASKO to figure out what it takes to impress and attract the right manager plus all the stepping stones along the way. This is an episode you don’t want to miss.

Here are a few of the topics covered in this episode:

  • What you need to do BEFORE a real manager wants to take you on

  • The truth behind overnight success stories in the music biz

  • How to build value as an artist and attract managers & record labels

  • The consequences of hiring a manager that isn’t up to the job

  • And much more!


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